transforming PFAS polluted soil to clean ceramics

Claybens has developed an innovative solution to transform PFAS polluted clay soil into clean ceramic materials and products. By doing so, we can eliminate the toxins in our environment while creating local (building)
materials instead of waste. Claybens beliefs that everyone deserves a clean and safe environment and that it is our responsibility today to clean up for tomorrow.

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by emy bensdorp

‍Claybens started as a design research project by Emy Bensdorp. Her dual background in design and psychology enables her to combine deepdive research with a hands-on design approach. For Emy the challenges of today make the most interesting design topics. In her work she seeks to connect different disciplines so that we can face our challenges together. This approach to design makes that any question can lead to a design project that fits the challenge, client or company. For example by transforming waste into a resource, materializing research or creating sustainable solutions.


2020 BA Design - Design Academy Eindhoven - Wellbeing
2016 MSc. Economic & Consumer Psychology - Leiden University
2015 BSc. Psychology - Leiden University